Alex van Warmerdam exhibition L'Histoire Kaputt opens in EYE

1 May 2018

Alex van Warmerdam is a filmmaker, artist, designer, theatre director, actor and writer. A shrewd observer who elaborates his films, plays and artworks down to the last detail, Van Warmerdam creates work filled with dry humour, temperamental characters, sleek interiors and absurdist scenes.The artist agreed to make a series of new works especially for EYE. Among these new artworks are a life-size show box, a missing girl, a book that turns its own pages, ‘creatures of the forest’ on a constantly changing canvas and a very peculiar aquarium.

In addition to these new works, film fragments from van Warmerdam’s oeuvre will be projected on large screens. The full films will be screened in the theatres, including restorations of Abel and The Northerners (35mm prints from EYE’s collection).