Co-workers Zhao and Liu, old friends both in their 50's, were drinking heavily one day when Liu died unexpectedly. In keeping with a promise to his friend, Zhao decides to travel thousands of miles across China to bring the body home. With next to no money and a corpse behind his back, Zhao’s tragicomic odyssey brings him face-to-face with all manners of Chinese people in a world of rapidly changing values and mores. Based on a true story.




97 Mins






China,  Hong Kong

Director & Writer

Zhang Yang was born March 28, 1967 in Beijing, China. He graduated from the Director's Department of the Central Theatre Academy. In 1997, he directed his first feature SPICY LOVE SOUP which was in competition at the Tokyo International Film Festival and swept all the domestic Chinese awards. His second film SHOWER (1999) also went on to win awards at a wide array of festivals in Canada, Spain, Greece, Holland, the United States, Argentina and Italy. His third feature QUITTING (2001) scored at the Chinese box office and won FIPRESCI Prize at the Stockholm Film Festival. His fourth film SUNFLOWER (2004) won Best Director and Best Cinematography at the San Sebastian International Film Festival. His fifth film GETTING HOME (2007) won the Ecumenical Award at Berlin Film Festival. In 2010, he directed DRIVELESS.  FULL CIRCLE (2012) is his latest feature film.


Stanley Tong
Er Yong
Zhang Yang


ZHAO Benshan
Hong Qiwen
Song Dandan
GUO Degang
SUN Haiying
Hu Jun
Xia Yu

Additional Credits

Produced by
Harvey Wong
Produced by
Liu Qiang
Co- Producer
Michael J. Werner
Co- Producer
Wouter Barendrecht
Zhang Yang
Yao Wang
Line Producer
Gao Da Kuan
Line Producer
Bobo Au
Production Manager
Wang Hong
Director of Photography
Yu Lik Wai
Director of Photography
Lai Yiu Fai
Production Designer
An Bin
Co-production Company
Beijing Jinqianshengshi Culture Media Co., LTD.
Art Director
Tong Tong
Sound Director
Danrong Wang
Lighting Designer
Chi Ming Wong
Make-up Artist
Jianping Liu
Costume Designer
Chongnan He
Yang Hongyu
Production Company
Filmko Entertainment Ltd.