About Fortissimo Films

For 25 years, Fortissimo Films has been one of the world's leading international film sales organisations, specialising in the production, presentation, promotion and distribution of award-winning and innovative feature films and documentaries by independent filmmakers from around the globe. Our commitment to original and groundbreaking films has seen us partner with a wide range of celebrated producers and directors including, Wong Kar Wai, Tian Zhuangzhuang, Peter Greenaway, Bela Tarr, Wang Xiaoshuai, Alex van Warmerdam and Martin Scorsese.

The primary goal of Fortissimo Films is to bring exceptional films to the widest possible audience. We work across all distribution channels, throughout the world, including new and exciting opportunities in China. We pride ourselves on creating meaningful connections between Asian films and worldwide audiences, as well introducing the best of international cinema to Asian markets. Fortissimo Films is always looking for talented new directors and new films that we help to reach international audiences. Amongst Fortissimo’s great discoveries are Winter’s Bone by Debra Granik, Jiro Dreams of Sushi by David Gelb and Bangkok Dangerous by Danny and Oxide Pang.